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Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Laundry Basket Case

Behold the season's stocking
Suspended from the breast
It's bound to get a stuffing
Cos it stands out from the rest
For those who seek a pairing
Recall the fatal flaw
Of looking for a partner 
When you're in the odd sock drawer
Once upon a story
Our hosen were well-matched
But started to unravel 
On a snag - so they detached
From the ensuing tangle
Fate knitted to devise
A fetching near replacement
(If you half screwed up your eyes)
In too familiar fashion
Reknitted had a run
On finer fabric options
So this couple came undone
Odd sock became world weary
And so it now resides
Most often somewhere hidden
Seeking love from its insides
Yet here it's found another
Worn through and full of holes
They've patched up from each other
Now they're no more threadbare soles
To see this hapless union
Might prompt a double-take
But kindness burns far longer
Than a passionate Miss Take

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