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Friday, 30 March 2012

A piece of cake

And so the nought contains the 1

Plus/minus make the system done

No march towards infinity

It's us divides reality

But seeing two, instead of half

Perception tricks (it's quite a laugh)

We force the fractions into wholes

Man's subroutines lack some controls

Though alwaysneversometimes meet

We see a future incompl ?

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sympathetic Symphony

Let me be lonely to find friendship in a word;

Echoes of dances soft spoken to a lyre.

Whispers of stardust and passions overheard

From shadowed voices all gathered round a fire.

The script connects thought.  The faces are unknown.

The flow sears through with its cold persistent path.

Thus speaks creation with meaning as mine own.

I meet my maker in pre-writ epitaph.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Insignificance of Being Victor, A Situational Comedy for Vanquished Persons

Hack (noun); a professional who renounces or surrenders individual independence, integrity, belief, etc., in return for money or other reward in the performance of a task normally thought of as involving a strong personal commitment.

When he was born he got a dress,
That wore him “pretty”, much success.
Next, off to school to read their book;
He earned gold stars, and praises took
In rank and file. Positioned first -
If we ignore we’re place immersed,
And it’s the race
That sets the pace -
And there are games
With greater names.
Next, Love emerged, 
And went tits up;
Its questions soon lost him their Cup.
Certification swiftly showed
The forms of future loss bestowed,
By putting points of pride aside
To in another one reside.
Yes, betrayal left him standing,
Rather swimming, with no landing.
So to drown? 
Is flotsam wrong?
A coward can be brave so long…
Thus, to drift back into madness,
Through the error of deep sadness;
To a life of contradiction -
Making facts from social fiction.
Yet, his steps if we retrace,
Take us to another place.
Is it all a reinvention -
What our memories can mention?
Painting past in shades uncertain,
As the future’s undrawn curtain.
Or, to prize by judged awards,
And accept what this rewards?

Monday, 26 March 2012

Circuit Theory

It’s sublimation (or sublime).
It’s longed negation (or divine).
It’s disappearance in the mass -
Oh, kissed…I missed.
(The saddest lass)

Lashes bat;
Her need to be miss
Taken.  Tied to the mast
Her wish to be his
Story:  Tell me in tales
Relate the ways -
Ted years.

Transient response.

Switch, contact bounce.
Remark.  Ably done.
Don’t come
Unstuck fund
A mental run
Hit and mister -
Re:  connection?
(And those hidden charges).

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Ground Truth

An observer is a mark is a form.

The wave meets the wave

An indication requires extinction;
The form demanding a sensed distinction.

Ripples distinguish the ocean

If Boole on a spool of plus-minus makes
The real but a frame, binary mistakes
True-False as the limit.

Starting from zero got nothing to lose

                                    So only two
Of the unary whole gives a value -
Missed: ‘meaningless’ and ‘imaginary’
This lack dictates we perceive virtually

Repeated mass migrations without devised instrument

One:  As relational proposition
Is only sensed via opposition

The cocked hat, a triangle of non-intersecting bearings

Providing our chart with laws of calling
The Mark. Lines drawn up from feelthoughts falling
Through cleaved expressional boundaries, crossed
Once create known in split from unknown. Lost
In the mode of denoting discretely

The current position of the vessel

On-Off signals transmit incompletely.

One white and red flash every ten seconds

Let there be a form distinct from the form.

The navigator and the chart, both uncertain -
To calculate position and momentum these marks
Measure each other: observed marks the observer

The wave meets the wave
Is the wave