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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hidden Stash

The jaded souls seek holes’n’poles
To spill them thrills through their consoles;
Resigned to sacrificial porn
As lively as a lecture yawn.
The only meal they get to eat
Is spoonfed, bland, robotic meat.
Whilst their streams go through the motions,
Leave me to my secret oceans.
Finest eroticization
Dwells in my imagination; -
Played by troupe more acrobatic,
Style and venue never static.
Their kisses put me in a spin,
Skilled manual handles deftly win
Me over. This unknown nation
Features much intrepidation;
Maybe shifts from ancient galley
Into unexpected alley (Or a wistful, dark, Welsh valley).
Perfectly procured alignment,
Willing state of bound confinement:
Just as the head becomes a whirl,
He’s swiftly switched from boy to girl -
Adeline’s pet-named Orlando
Hypnotized in dueled fandango;
Mimesis through twisting tryst
Of a sapiosexualist.
So, seek and find content online,
I’ll stay content to look at mine,
Keeping my lands that time forgot
To leave you to your money shot.
Know as you watch the faux-faced comer -
One swallow does not make a summer.

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