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Saturday, 28 April 2012

The relative complement

To say hello and wave goodbye
Unchange the unum block.
To unsee ‘temporary’ - fly!
Tock-tick and tick the tock.
When sane response is named insane,
Banned? Having it both ways.
Yet those who split the thought from brain
Shan’t unpick their amaze.
All’s as it is as it must be;
The cause becomes effect.
Concomitantly, you are me;
So knowing this reflect.
I am a mirror, so are we,
(The fold within the fold),
Yet we lack windows out to see,
And so our tale is told.
Senses cleave a contradiction
From Uroborus whole.
Truth? Subset of social fiction -
Here lies the special role
Of fractured ape psychology,
Whose statements must prove ‘true’,
While paramonadology
Mocks our discrete value.
Disconnecting joined existence
Linked | distinct
From arbitrary real persistence
Man’s f = extinct.
Can Generals communicate
With umpteenth back and forth?
How infinitely we await
Proved split of south and north.

The more ways we see to divide,
The flowsnake finer ways doth hide.

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