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Monday, 12 March 2012

The Colour Chart

I hear you’re tearing our your heart
To see if there’s a stain within
And checking on the colour chart
If it is ‘good’ or full of ‘sin’.

Will you for one believe the hype
Of structural deficiencies
Contained within the genotype
Thus rid them with efficiencies?

A Dulux card humanity
For hue and cry complexity
With colour codes of sanity
I’ll tell you want perplexes me…

No man’s an island in this verse
As ‘self’ reflects the shifting word
Like atoms in the universe
It decoheres until it’s heard.

The senses fill and colour in
Without an eye the sky’s not blue
With world views and the shades of skin
They’ll kindly colour you in too.

Come tear the beat from out your chest
And empty out your inner sphere
Submit the whole lot to this test
Then see if ‘you’ can reappear.

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