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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Love from Poets and Other Humans


She breaks your legs to stop you falling
Cuts the cord but not this chain
Replication coiled conditional
Expression uncoiled unconditional
Primacy, primate see


Bluster of budding infatuation
Drop the M, here emerged other
Stark as a red hull bobbing on a steely sea
Ways with words turn each to tropical fruit
Just landed on a bland island

Metaphors through a magnifying glass
Make mountains from molecules
Eat eternity in moments
This concentrated beam searing the sentient

Scalding next icy
Attempts to thermostatically control desire defeated
Cold showers unrequited
Fairytale to teary fail


Volume of declaration
Turned love looking glass
Mirrored magnificence
Shattered realization
On reflection too much


Affection swings not with the pendulum of the poet
Rather metamorphs a metronome
Giving beat to her chaotic chorus
As the tide tames the sea

Warm bath
Memorizing the amniotic
Neurotic needs to run the hot tap to boiling
Return only with a blanket (your single grand gesture)
The rest a detail of deeds

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