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Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Director's Cut

To readdress our Mystery
With human telly-ology
I give you some small history
Of telling stories visually.
A queen walked in with regal shout
But in the cut, instead stormed out
And while this edit was divine
The regulator said, "Not fine".
You see it's really quite a crime
So royally to play with Time.
Now Avid tales can all be told
By putting 'new' before the 'old'
We must maintain the shared pretense
That cameras show 'real' events
(Though honestly no one can say
How this permits a cutaway).
With EDLs that may address
'Facts' with more moves than those of chess
As messages in poetry
May order sense with symmetry.
It's no great threat to most of Art
To put the horse behind the cart -
But to get human from a fish
Takes frequent asymmetric wish.
Since entropy forever free
Does not provide complexity,
Though often sense appears post hoc
You can't make soup before the stock.
And this is why you cannot plan
Without eggs breaking omelette an.

(some background for our overseas viewers http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1557283/BBC-blames-RDF-for-insult-to-the-Queen.html)

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