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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Celestial Polynesia With No Canoe

"Your answers are smart but too high for my flock",
Said a prominent man in a beard, cross and frock.
Let’s call Him a mixture of Love and Mathematics,
With answersingenesis for the fanatics;
Even for me ‘cos I only need sciences
For checking lesions and household appliances.
When I want stories with some deeper meaning,
I reserve my right to indulge a leaning
For histories spoken before printing presses,
Writ down, then translated, by more men in dresses.
Sort of a fairytale crossed with a fable;
Aesop meets Disney meets Grimm Cain and Abel.
All of you boffins with your wild surmises
Think that your checking will bring us surprises.
(Well there’s no guessing what you think the prize is!)
Maybe a booby that somehow excises
God with some planetary Polynesia?
How you’re forgetting our blesséd amnesia!
Alien life-forms stuck without canoes? 
We’ll beam them the bibles!  This could be Good News.
We nod and cough sagely whilst quietly wishing
This will require going cross-galactic fishing.
What a swell chance to expand congregations,
With charity missions to some stellar nations.
Such astronomical future discovery
Won’t rock the Vatican, upset the Trinity,
Cease or resolve endless Abu-Ali questions,
Stop Rabbinic musings or scripture digestions.
What’s that you say on beliefs sacré mental?
You claim it’s invention, bread could well be lentil,
Had history/geography been vegetarian
In not-yet-made-up Nazarene lands agrarian,
That it’s quite likely wine might be Red Bull,
Had the ferment of the place not been full?
Indeed, you assert,  flesh will-o-the-wisps
Might be WKD washing down Walkers crisps.
We can’t argue wafers and vin shiraz
Were across cultures or nature.  That jazz.
Does lifestyle 0 A.D. Australia
Show our teachings to be a failure?
Unknown and unmentioned then ways aboriginal
Don’t contradict us.  You must be more original!
No, it seems more than likely whatever you find
Will not change what’s made up ‘cos we’ve made up our mind.

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