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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Anthem for Doomed Truth

(In memory of the Pantisocratic poets)

There once was a garden
It had everything
You cannot imagine the joy it could bring
Its bounty and beauty both belonged to none
Yet at the same moment were for everyone

Let’s divide the beaches
Divide up the seas
Let’s judge every human by what he can seize
We’ll count out the mountains
And for further larks
We’ll make private parking
From all public parks

There once was a country
As big as the world
Then came a tooled primate whose notions unfurled
Taxonomic visions and fearsome greed
Well you can imagine how it would proceed

So sing out the anthems
Draw up the lines
The border’s a prison by what it defines
Ignore common feeling
And try to repress
How shared Love and Fear
Make us one with the rest

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