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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Insignificance of Being Victor, A Situational Comedy for Vanquished Persons

Hack (noun); a professional who renounces or surrenders individual independence, integrity, belief, etc., in return for money or other reward in the performance of a task normally thought of as involving a strong personal commitment.

When he was born he got a dress,
That wore him “pretty”, much success.
Next, off to school to read their book;
He earned gold stars, and praises took
In rank and file. Positioned first -
If we ignore we’re place immersed,
And it’s the race
That sets the pace -
And there are games
With greater names.
Next, Love emerged, 
And went tits up;
Its questions soon lost him their Cup.
Certification swiftly showed
The forms of future loss bestowed,
By putting points of pride aside
To in another one reside.
Yes, betrayal left him standing,
Rather swimming, with no landing.
So to drown? 
Is flotsam wrong?
A coward can be brave so long…
Thus, to drift back into madness,
Through the error of deep sadness;
To a life of contradiction -
Making facts from social fiction.
Yet, his steps if we retrace,
Take us to another place.
Is it all a reinvention -
What our memories can mention?
Painting past in shades uncertain,
As the future’s undrawn curtain.
Or, to prize by judged awards,
And accept what this rewards?

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