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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Bombe-bastic (Mr Fantastic)

For A.T. (and significant others)

How clever (never) is the clown
Who frowns to smile and waves to drown?
These machinations' mother tongue
Are mirror wit of sum L1.
To solve Enigma's nitty-gritty
We reflect (and that's not pretty).
So don't resent my interference
Messing up your fair appearance
It meters out the dialectic - 
A strange-familiar speech electric.
The question is; Why vis-à-vis
The charge goes up? (It does for me)
Observe that imitation matters,
The scheme is real.  The twinning flatters.
See how your Pupil is dilating!
The Id ('though hid) is still relating...
I'll wind up - Harry, Tom or Dick?
And see you back in half a tick.

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