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Monday, 6 February 2012

A footnote to nothing

The answer's hidden in the curve
That shares the pi.  We but observe.
So flipping smile!  And no more frowning.
"The Waves", Woolf howls.  The Truth ain't drowning.
Now LDV, your smoke has lifted
It's a given.  But what's gifted?
Expression?  Less.  It's us we see
In painted mirrors.  You.  Me.  We.
The way we look creates the shift
From grin to grimace.  That's the gift!
'Though eye to I we'll never see
For 'I's change with reality.
We talk in circles.  Record's broken.
The sphere holds speaker with the spoken.
What's done is done.  That's our undoing.
So time for T.  The future's brewing...

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