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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Starshine Conchology

(For R.L. & M.B.)

A far flung moment’s star sent out a ray -
Where this began is something none can say -
Yet in her beam a globe came to persist
And unbreathed breath soft covered it in mist.

Then from such fog forms started to revolve -
In clockwork twists their future kin evolve,
These living timepieces of land, air, sea
Reflecting beats of timeless symmetry.

Within this scheme each sought a place to dwell -
Craved sanctuary, a homing place, a shell.
Such patterns merged and urged a meeting forth -
Sent destined envoys east, west, south and north.

Sunshine dripped down and cast her ray once more -
On sea-gleamed conch shone brightly on the shore,
Into this dwelling place beamed perfect light
To dance paired steps of harmonic delight.

It came to pass the ray had found its shell -
All dreamers to this music listen well,
For you can find beginning in this end
Of coupled Love we lucky ones befriend.

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