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Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Hourglass

A great King coming to his Final Day,
Called on his courtiers to find a way,
That drawing on the vastness of his wealth,
He might restore his worn out self to health.

"But Master", cried the wisest of his clan,
"We've scoured the Kingdom looking for a plan;
It seems Tomorrow won't provide a price -
So we return to seek your sage advice."

The Regent gazed upon the crowd and sighed,
"I won't follow my father - who has died -
Return good servants, ask on Time again -
And forge a deal; you must dig deep my men".

The delegation turned and journeyed back,
None knowing how to progress their attack -
And whilst with hopeless task in hand they tired,
At home the old King quietly expired.

So be ye pauper, prince or humble clerk,
Aim to enjoy the moments of your work.
The Hour spent cannot be bought or sold -
And makes your Time more valuable than gold.

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