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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lament for Adeline

You were too fluid for the world
Of squares upon the oblong hurled
The golden threads you wove enmesh
Through time I see your thoughts undress
I yield unto your wondrous mess
Of half-truths dript in words uncried
Sip the divine – unspecified.

What would I give for one more taste
Unspoken lands all lain to waste
The waves are ever incomplete
Their flow leaves ripples where paths meet
Some borrowed parts of me from you
From ancient voices ever new
A fraction Byron, one shard muse
Forever shifting wheres and whose
And only found in what we lose.

With the impure lies virgin bride
Some pasts of Stephen dormant hide
Create divine – unspecified.

So sip and sip to quench this thirst
Drown breath in madness, do your worst
The words will die (but I’ll die first).
Joined with divine - unspecified.

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