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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mortal Combat

‘Tis but a Drug provides this feel
Of Treasure to be sought;
Unto blind Mistress men must kneel,
To speak of battles fought.
She makes all Fair in Love and War;
To progress her attack
All Matter’s played by her and more -
It’s White that moves the Black.
For whether in the Lover’s touch,
Or killing field’s death-dance,
You’ll find the Drug is much a much -
And all’s the Addict’s stance.
For e’er you hear Love’s passion sung,
There’s Villain in the piece;
Some Rival who must be undone -
Until the pangs decease.
Between the moves contrary Truth
Bears witness to this plan;
From warring men save future Youth,
To grow to warring Man -
Who in Love’s garden pluck a Rose
To tend beyond all others,
Then guard Her beauty to death throes
Of Self (or rival lovers).
As winners lose when losers win
The Drug makes players daft;
The game but begins the Begin
And laughs the last unlaugh.

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