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Saturday, 4 February 2012


Days drop as rain fast falling on a lake –
Dissolve, consumed in fluid give and take;
Each ripple swiftly lost to greater flow,
Death after life, death before life, one blink awake!

This spring tide draws wherever it shall go –
Truth plays I spy with all that minds will know;
In unheard herd lies hiding in the word,
No exit status

Thought weaves a path to wander from occurred –
Decouples tracks from trains of the absurd;
Non-diegetic music frames the cut,
With feelings of another self preferred.

The circle closes ‘tho no door is shut –
Exclusus amator longs to rebut;
A moment’s pleasure savours pain’s delight,
Desire shamed submits to naked strut.

Love paired ascends as beating wings in flight –
Hope flies then drags as dreams soar t’wards the light;
I suck your mother tongue into my mouth,
Bite future tense as catgut tuned too tight.

To taste the brine mad compass sends ships south –
No one is there but echoes sounding out;
Thirsty mariner tempted by sea tears,
Cries her own ocean to escape from drought.

Her sails are filled with winds of mortal fears –
In dread of landfall as the shoreline nears;
It takes a sea to build up a rogue wave,
And island life to disappear the years.

And so their work was done.

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